The dark side of the new age

It’s my duty of care to spread my realization around spiritual warfare. Please read if you are struggling with night terrors and messed-up relationships or even visitations at night. Especially if you come across and are experiencing negative reactions after reading A Course in Miracles, practicing yoga, meditation, or practicing Wicca or Manifestation, also Altered states, reiki, or the law of attraction.

If you have been feeling something that just does not add up or even worst does not get better, you may be under some spiritual attacks. We have been told for years to trust the process to believe in a universal god and follow our feelings and do rituals to fix us. Something I just found after 3 decades of following this method that we have been lied to, please read. It’s not easy to come out and share, so please be gentle and open-minded. It is a spiritual war and we need to take the veil off to reach peace and salvation. As you will see in the links Satanism is real. I still could not connect the dots with what I practiced maybe witchcraft. I was in the occult without knowing it as it’s readily available.

When we are experiencing and developing an interest in supernatural things we find New Age is ready to show us a reasonable explanation so we are pulled into first energy healing, manifestation or alternative healing methods. Unfortunately, these spiritual subjects are not thought of by many pastors even though they are real and it is in the scripture not to practice any divination – purely to protect us not to punish us. Resulting from this missing information around spiritual warfare and protection or even the talk about its existence we’re not properly protected and become prey to the demonic realm by going deeper in our research into the unseen worlds.

I have experienced in my own life and seen in my client’s lives the demonic influences which we are pulling in unsuspectingly with the new age practices. Horrible nightmares, suicidal thoughts (not ours), sleep paralysis to wrecked relationships, and mental health struggles unexplained ups and downs. After decades of experiences and being stuck in dark places in my own life and hearing others going through them in my practice, I suddenly had a pull to go to explore my beliefs. Who is God and why is only Jesus Christ of Nazareth talking about demonic deliverance? I didn’t know how else to target the evil I’ve seen and experienced. Years of night terrors and seemingly out of my hand difficulties and ongoing anxiety for no reason. I thought it was something I should be able to fix as love and light and grounding will wish it away but the psychic attacks did not manifest themselves away just got darker. Even though we are being told we are gods and special and the next whatever full moon and whatever race of aliens will help us. But they only got worst.

So, I read A Course in Miracles which is addressing the “lost material Jesus told us but we didn’t get it” the missing piece, about Jesus so I thought I am reading about his teaching. Well, this material was in my life for 15 years. It is spiritual suicidal material. Leads us right to the darkness of the devil.

As in our journey in new age practices, we are being told we need to find our inner god and universal god. It’s a lie. I tried to be in it and live the lie but hundreds of New-agers are waking up to it with me and sharing testimonies helped me realize I am on the good path to repent. Evil is around us smoothly bringing us to itself with Yoga, meditation, altered states past lives divination cards. I learned all the techniques I have first-hand experience with demonic influences even going to Burning Seed (Aussie Burning Man) or trying Kombo. We are being warned in the scripture to not do these things as we are being controlled by demonic forces at the end. God warns us that we surely die. Satan does not give without a price and the price is our sanity. We may feel a short relaxation but we are to pay later by having psychic attacks. I have been very deeply involved and seen a short time later I would feel I need a new fix read more and experience more etc. but we know now this path is not divine.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.Ephesians 6:12

I am not here to push you to be a Christian but if you are practicing new age you are receptive to the satanic forces without knowing it (see the first video I attached below). Opening portals and letting demons potentially take over some aspects of your life…. if not all of it. The dark does not come telling you what he is doing but gently steers you in the direction to follow him. So what is the opposite of Satan/antichrist? What is the best weapon against him? Truth and God who he is hating so much. The Gospel is the first to show how Jesus cast out demons to reach deliverance. So after 3 decades of new age, I was shown what on earth is actually happening. God was gracious enough to help me see the truth and saved me. It’s a spiritual war. It is my duty of care to let you know what I found. I created a list here so you can look into it. And yes, Jesus came to show us the way to salvation and to win this war on evil, to follow him as he sacrificed his own life to save us. That is why satan has made fun of the message of Jesus Christ and his message is twisted in the world by satan. Did you notice most people are twitching when you would mention the bible? He does not want you to wake up from his promised fun and party he will show you shinny new things while embedding his ideas in you making you think it was your idea.

I let you make your own decision with these videos. Also research for yourself. There are hundreds of testimonies I found from our Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Under New Age to Christianity testimonies. It’s quite amazing how we all seem to have a similar experience of sudden calm and peace as well as lifting the veil to see the truth. We don’t need to be so-called “religious” or follow anything else but Jesus as our savior and read the Gospel in the bible and find a solid bible teacher not faith churches. Get to know God through his word. I found support in other Brothers and Sisters in Christ and their support is crucial to receive and give support. I hope you join me in the research of real truth.  The videos are all connected to the original channel you may subscribe to them to have more research on the subjects. Some took me a while to find as they are just quickly mentioned in someone elseโ€™s talk but I have a library of them now. If you need more info let me know. And one more thing, if I ever feel some spiritual attacks I have the Lord’s prayer in my head or listen to the bible app and quickly can go back to sleep. ๐Ÿ™‚ God is Gracious and has his living word ready for us to support us.

In conclusion, the more aware we are of our thoughts and being present and work through circle thoughts, we can target the weak areas, the dark one that likes to dwell on our dark thoughts. So yes to counselling clear it repent from it and start new ๐Ÿ™‚

So you see I am not kidding here is a satanic website naming all the practices we in the world are sold as self-help and practice for self-awakening, but. really come from the satanic route. I have 3 diplomas and many years of practicing divination, studying in-depth all the practices mentioned here without thinking it is the very reason my mental health is declining. I was a satanist. wow

Oprah, Conversation with God, A Course in Miracles, Dr. Oz and what is that they are teaching? a podcast by Warren Smith who wrote the Light that was dark.

 What is Christ consciousness? Oprah, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle talks about this and we may have been part of their deception to become God. This a strange new world order New world religion is around the corner. Putting pressure on the created fact we do not need anyone to help us as we are gods drives us to impossible desperation from the Creator and deep pain and loneliness.

If you would like to know the real world of Satanism this gentleman has a great testimony to teach us. Its unfortunately real

Reiki practitioner realized after 10 years of energy healing what it actually meant and what she was involved with.

One of the most intelligent testimonies with great dept and turn around after years of trying to figuring out where she is at from the self-development views and prosperity Christ Consciousness to Being a Christian. Give it a chance it is a great interview. I took her classes and meet her in Sydney for a book signing as well as listened to Disappearance of the Universe I used to love. Boy were we confused?

STEVEN BANCARZ – NEW AGE, ALIENS, SPIRITS & ANGELS – FOOLISHNESS PODCAST One more Steven Bancarz (took me to understand their stuff, Steven was a millionaire from the new age now warning people. They are both coming from the new age.

Aliens, Demons, & the New Age Movement w/ Steven Bancarz This guy was a high-paid New ager and now has been called to the Lord found peace and love.

The second part is going into Yoga and other magic-related issues most of donโ€™t know about, like Harry Potter etc.

Doreen and the Astrologer. I thought they were judgemental then I came to the realization they are actually seeing the bible as I have never seen it as a guidebook for us to stay safe in Satanโ€™s world.

The fake churches, I really liked this one to understand why I ran out of a church. Ex-Bethel Student Tells All: Lindsay Davis Testimony

From drug-addict New Ager to Born-Again Christian Bride

A Course in Miracles sort of the new aged bible was deceiving many of us. Warren Smith has many more recent videos and his book is great. He is one of us who was deep in the “spiritual” chase. Check him out.

Special LIVE report with guest Ken Ammi talking Demons & Exorcism in the Bible!

“Why I Stopped Teaching Yoga and Reiki, to Follow Jesus” – Jessica Smith interview


Can Scientists prove evolution theory or are we just going with it as a fact without questioning it? ๐Ÿ™‚


David Pawson is one of the best teachers of our times to understand the Bible he has all the recordings for us to dissect and get a deep understanding of what we read means. He is a True blessing for us

Marcia Montenegro, a former professional astrologer for 8 years โ€œand teacher of astrology; a former practitioner for many years of Eastern-type meditation and beliefs, and who engaged in various occult practices such as having a spirit guide and doing astral travel. If you are exploring or just mildly curious, please check out the information on this site. Be open to it and see for yourself what is here. Don’t let any preconceived ideas be a barrier.โ€

The beautiful side of evil author Johanna Michaelsen. She is from our 60’s generation warning us about the occult of serious dangers she is also on youtube.

Warren Smith warns s for over 35 years of the New age and its dangerous dark teachings and deception.

Jessica Smith realized she dabbled into something dark as โ€œa certified yoga instructor & master level reiki practitioner when the lens through which I viewed the world was shattered in a moment with a profound experience that revealed to me the dark spiritual reality behind these practices.โ€

The solid scripture teachers’ names in my research are:

Warren B Smith fantastic book by him is The Light That Was Dark. Over 35 years trying to warn us coming from the meditations and altered states world. Did not start today. you can find his work on youtube

Johanna Michaelsen a pioneer in warning us against which-craft we don’t even know we are part of by practicing occult practices.

Michael Heiser: He will blow your mind on Debunking the Ancient Aliens and takes you to another level of academic studies. He is making Angel studies interesting.

David Pawson: The greatest teacher of all time. He was working as a teacher preacher from the age of 16 when he was called. His website and youtube channel is full of the love of Jesus and clear translation of the bible

Steven Bancarz: From New age website guru to Christ Great translator for us who are trying to make sense of why we left the new age as well.

Doreen Virtue: the queen of new age cards and teachings who helped us to retrain us from her old ways

Melissa Doughtery: She is the great Debunker and translator of the scripture, she has a new twist for us to understand things clearer once we realize we have been fooled. (she was too, most of us were)

ACL: Great Christian Talks

Prophecy Watchers: Great shows on debunking the Ancient Aliens and show them from the bible perspective

Amir Tsarfaty: about Israel and Satanic Plot and many interesting talks. He is a Jewish Christian ๐Ÿ™‚ he yells but has great humor and love

John McArthur is a very clear teacher

Genesis is History research of scientists proving the world from a biblical standpoint So lovely to see their excitement.