Integrated Psychotherapy

I am integrating different modalities I was trained in like Transpersonal Counselling and other methods I picked up on my journey

With the transpersonal approach, we will look at the sessions holistically, viewing life and life experiences as part of the larger process of your spiritual path.  From the transpersonal view whatever is happening to us now is viewed as a positive opportunity for growth. Through the sessions the counselor facilitates your processes through a variety of means, depending on your needs.

This method helps to translate what we may be experiencing.

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So what is Transpersonal Art Therapy?

When you make the decision to see a Transpersonal Art Therapist, it is an opportunity for you to experience counselling a little differently than the way counselling normally operates we move away from only talking.  In addition to talking, you can create, and use different art materials or sand.  Your imagination is an abundant well of knowledge, a window to who you really are.  Using these processes allows self-growth and healing.

Sometimes my clients are not ready to talk or find it hard to talk and it’s OK.  We can use different methods to make a transition into healing.  Images can do the talking for us.  Here are some ways we can use Art Therapy:

  • Transpersonal art therapy goes beyond traditional art therapy to explore the unconscious and symbolic contents of the mind. This can be you creating a picture drawing collage or clay work. You can also bring something you created already and talk through it following your symbology and your own meanings.
  • Sand Therapy is something we can use as well if you are ready to work with some situation in your life and would like to have more clarity around it as creating a tray

It is an effective approach to mental health. It is non-threatening and non-verbal, you can control the process and you can safely take risks with materials and imagery whilst being supported.  As a Trained Transpersonal Art Therapy Practitioner, I assist people in building relationships with themselves and others.

“I found myself smiling at my own world that appeared in the images or stories I wrote and they didn’t seem as scary anymore when appearing on paper or in the sand.” E.M.

We are all so different and have unique personalities and stories. There is no one-size-fits-all in counseling.  This is the beauty of the transpersonal approach and you. Let’s celebrate who you are and where you are at.

Some other modalities I was trained in are

Adv. Dip Tp Art Therapy

Adv. Dip TP Counselling

Dip. Integrated Psychotherapy

Mental Health Cert IV


Past Life regression training

Astral travel training

Cert in Life coaching

Years of acting growing up

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