Awesome links to expand our views

The following links are collected here as it may have come up in our session. There is so much helpful information is out there for us.

The Dreaded Drama Triangle | Lucy Barnes | TEDxSurreyUniversitySalon

Four ways to spark up our social engagement nervous system without socializing “A breakdown of what this part of our nervous system is and four ways a person can engage with themselves and their environment to enhance and grow this branch of their ‘slowing down’ nervous system (and only one of these ways involves people!).

Mate Gabor is Brilliant explaining how anxiety is a healthy response to unaddressed or unsupported fear. We are looking for some relief from emotional pain. What gave us the initial emotional pain we found addiction of any kind. So, finding the pain we can address the addiction….not jumping and judge the behavior but nurture the person needing recognition giving back the power to them and develop healthy behaviour.

To understand your nervous system and how you are functioning its seemed to be important to explore the freeze mode as well. This is a great video around the Polyvagal Theory. It a life changing is view in my opinion 🙂

Zenith Virago on Dying well. So many of us have a relationship with death as something that happens to others. Not my family or me. But really we all 100% are going to dye. She has a wonderful book as well. Her story on how she became a Death walker and how she helps people dealing with one of the most intimate steps ever made.

Stress. Does it make you sick?

Making stress your friend, or not?

Such an important information for our man and partners in life and maybe you about why one would freeze and not react.

Very important to know how to protect you from the narcissist’s injury and hurting you. This relationship can eat you up inside. They will not most likely care they hurt you. Researching this subject is crucial for us to know our pain is real and what to do about it

Why is that we sometimes freeze and not taking steps or react in a traumatizing situation may have a great reason to be found in our nervous system. It’s physiological most likely and this knowledge helps us to understand ourselves better and to give ourselves a break. We had a reason. 🙂

Stephen Porges

Vagus nerve talk on how trauma affects us and how to understand and eventually learn to live with what the body holds onto. Polyvagal Theory. Wonderful work, understanding human behavior, and helping you to feel Normal as there is content behind what one may do or react to. Behaviour is not equal to personality.  Please look into his work there is more than this interview on youtube 🙂

Love and logic for parents to have fun being a parent. It is not easy when we have our own issues to deal with but this recipe of Father-Son duo will blow your mind 🙂 Here is their link on the bottom and a sample of their video

For supporting kids or your loved ones with compassion. Go brain dead 🙂 and be there with them. Sample Clip – Love and Logic Keys to Helping Kids Cope with Divorce

Iodine and its benefits

From New Age to Christ. Were we fooled?

Here I have some helpful websites as well I listed here

Dyslexia and your partner: wonderful read for both of you who are supporting someone or someone who is living with Dyslexia. Just click on the link and be amazed

THE ROOT OF EMOTIONAL IMBALANCE, ACCORDING TO YOUR ORGANS Our mental and spiritual bodies inform our physical nature. every organ corresponds to the energy of a certain emotion, and every disease stems from an imbalance in an organ or its meridians (energy channels).