If you made it this far you must be looking for solutions or different ways to look at your life.  I find that sometimes the inner pain is the way to the solution that needs to be unfolded and used as a stepping-stone to a happier more balanced life. Leading us to the a-ha moments and eventually to a Shift in Consciousness around our view of the discomfort.

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My practice is in Currumbin Waters, QLD. If you find this is too far from your location, I am encouraging you to schedule an online session with me.

Skype or Zoom sessions are also available


The session price is $95

Online Therapy session $95

If you are student or you choose to use your NDIS funding please let me know as it is welcome and please indicate it on your scheduling as prices may vary.

(all in-person session includes the optional Light Therapy) – 

Please allow about 90 minutes for our counseling sessions I don’t restrict time to 1 hour as regular sessions usually are as the gold may appear near the 1-hour mark. I have session prices to take the pressure off. I am here to assist you with this shift as it is my calling to support you in what you need to find.


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